Atya Express Professional Sunless Tanning Solution

Atya Express Professional Sunless Tanning Solution

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Suvara World's Atya Express solution is our new rapid developing formulation for optimal sunless tanning results, in a reduced volume of time.  Our newest addition to our unique formulations is for clients that are looking for the natural tan results always found via Suvara solutions but only have a fraction of the time to allow for the development of that perfect color we are known for.  Still enriched with our anti-aging "super serum" we recommend Atya only for those in need of an express tan! 

Not recommended for fair skin tones, unless expertly blended by a Suvara trained technician – our Atya formula is best when trying to achieve an express glow.

Purchasing Options: 

  • One Liter Professional solutions will complete anywhere from 8-14 client spray tans or treatments depending on body size, technique and equipment.
  • 4 Oz. Sampler size solutions are a one-time test purchase item that will enable a single client spray tan or treatment.

Directions for use: Sunless solution development time will vary based on skin tone.  For best results we recommend that your client allows the solution to develop on their skin based on the table below:

  • Natural Light to Golden Tan - Wash off in shower within 2 hours after application.
  • Darker Golden Tan - Wash off in shower within 3 hours after application. 
  • Dark to Bronze Tan - Wash off in shower within 4 hours after application.
  • Its not recommended that you keep Atya developing beyond 4 hours.