Our Story

Our Story

It’s been almost a decade since Suvara entered the market with their luxury professional sunless solutions and challenged the highly chemically driven self-tanning world. By combining the highest quality ECO Certified DHA with their proprietary “Super Serum”, which is made up of a vast list of organic skin repairing and healing vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, Suvara solutions not only provided a gluten-free, nut-free and organic alternative to self- tanning, the formula left customers with a natural golden tan that radiated throughout their skin from within. What started out as an experiment for this part-time beauty junkie, mom and fulltime globetrotting executive soon became a celebrity secret that spurred a cult like following in the sunless market.

Adored by world renown make-up artists, salons and their a-list clientele, Suvara continues to grow. Suvara’s CEO continues to train each, and every new artist, salon and spa to ensure that they maintain the Suvara application technique and detailing process that our customers have come to love.

Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paula Abdul, Jessica Simpson, Fergie, and almost every “Housewives” from any county have entrusted Suvara’s anti-aging formula for a natural, streak free tan that never looks orange, and is long lasting tan with a gradual fade.

Suvara Chief Executive Officer states

We began with a mission to change the anti-aging and self-tanning world and deliver an organic ‘good for you’ alternative to the long-term damaging effects of the sun. Our first customers loved the natural look Suvara left them with, as well as the hydrating and nourishing effects it had on their skin known as the glow from within. We became a cult favorite and the business took off and we’ve continue to grow while holding true to our ingredient principals and quality. We are the most expensive out there and we know that – but I won’t sacrifice quality for market share!

Where We’re Going…

In 2015, we made the decision to expand beyond our niche market and introduce new products and ways to make Suvara more accessible to the market. We went on a mission to selectively find artists and salons in each major city, while developing solutions that were more accessible, yet held the same high-quality standards for the retail space.

Expanding to the retail market also presented us with an opportunity to take our commitment to ingredients and begin developing more innovative skin care products and sunless solutions that extend beyond, yet compliment, Suvara, as can be seen with the recent launch of our unisex skin care brand, SixPlusThree.

So for now we will continue to invest in our professional solutions, support the growth of new artists and salons, extend beyond sunless to cosmetics and beauty via SixPlusThree, as well as launch more sunless and makeup application studios like our Red Bank popup shop, Suvara by Appointment. We are excited about the future and what is next for our business and just want to say thank you to the many artists, salons and customers who’ve helped us look forward to achieving a decade of sunless!