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I’m sure you have figured out by now that I am a sun lover! We spend summers at the beach and our pool and something about a tan just instantly makes me feel better. Obviously safe tanning is important and I ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Winters are long in NJ especially this year. Snow after Easter? Yeah, a really long winter. So sometimes for a skin refresh or for special occasions I will go spray tanning. I have tried several salons over the years (more on that in a minute) but my recent discovery of Suvara by Appointment in Red Bank has completely changed how and where I will go spray tanning.

Most of the salons I have gone to do a spray tan that basically just airbrushes your skin whatever shade you want. It leaves a smell until you take a shower and when it fades it often leaves you looking spotty and unnatural. You may have seen the spots in prior blog posts I’ve done. Erik calls it my cheetah tan haha! Yeah, not pretty.

I recently was invited for a session at the newly opened Suvara by Appointment salon in Red Bank. For starters the salon is adorable and very intimate. Being it’s by appointment there is no one else there except you and the team member who will be spraying you. In my case it was Kristi and she couldn’t be anymore welcoming and made sure to make me feel comfortable from the moment she contacted me. Kristi sent me pre and post instructions to take care of my tan and then giving me a history of Suvara when I got to the salon

Suvara is not just a spray tan. It’s a treatment for your skin made up of a “super serum” that has micro-encapsulated vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Their serum is all natural and does not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde or artificial preservatives. In simpler terms, everything is safe and good for your skin. The treatment allows for deeper skin penetration and absorption which will leave your skin glowing and hydrated.

After discussing your skin type and preferences you will have the option to decide what level of tan you want. I opted for natural which gave me a subtle glow without looking anything like I was going to a body building competition.

What sets Suvara apart from other spray tan salons is their pampering once you’ve been spray tanned. They finish you off with a lovely lavender powder and clean off your nail beds to leave a beautiful glow. My tan has naturally faded and has left no spotting whatsoever.

I loved that the treatment not only left me with a natural tan but it absolutely gave my skin a pick me up after this long winter. My dry skin has been hydrated and I instantly saw an overall glow to my complexion that has lasted for days. The photo below was taken right after I was done. Obviously I can’t go alone anywhere these days. My lil blogger girl comes everywhere with me! And no. I know what you are thinking. Summer did not get a spray tan. You can’t spray tan your kid.

A big thank you to Kristi from Suvara by Appointment for the complimentary session.
As always, all opinions and statements are my own.

Suvara by Appoinment is located in downtown Red Bank and also has a mobile option. Also so cute that they offer sip and spray parties. Perfect for bridal parties or getting your girlfriends together for a girls night out!

If you have never spray tanned before or if you are a seasoned spray tanner I would highly recommend going to Suvara by Appointment. Your skin will look and feel amazing. You’ll feel at ease and pampered your entire session. And most importantly you’ll be treating your skin safely and doing such good for your overall skin health.

To make an appointment visit their website here and mention Tammy at House of Leo Blog to get 20% off your first visit. You can also follow Suvara by Appointment on Instagram here.

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