Suvara World Founder Shares Secrets to Getting a Perfect Wintertime Glow Like Kylie Jenner, Blake Lively

All about the glow! While the weather outside can be frightful this time of year, it doesn’t mean that your skin has to suffer. Celebrity tanner and founder of Suvara World, Marcella Arthur, sat down with Stylish on Thursday, January 25 to reveal how everyone from Kylie Jenner, to Blake Lively to Johnny Depp keep their radiant tan skin looking fresh and natural during the cooler months.

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“Celebrities love it because they get a real, natural glow,” Arthur says. “Our solution is low in DHA and it’s very organic and contains vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which makes you notice a glow behind the tan,” she adds. “Anytime you pull up a picture of Chrissy Teigen or Blake and they look tan, know that it’s from our solution,” she reveals.

Not only is Suvara World’s solution organic, but it’s perfect for any gender. “Men like Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake really love our spray tan because it doesn’t look too tan and it just helps them look hotter. Our results don’t make them look like they’ve been going out and getting made up, but more like they were in the natural sun and have an aura around them.”

Too Tan Stars

To ensure that every client has perfect results, Arthur tells Stylish that they approach each customer and create a custom blend, so that there is not just one color or shade for each individual. “We look at the skin, the texture and talk to the client to find out what their tan goals are and use that as their standing solution unless they change their mind and go a little darker or lighter down the road,” she says.

If you’re worried about being too obviously tan while the sun is hiding out, the tanning guru recommends using a tanning solution that is extremely hydrating. “In the winter you are so dry, so you have to be really careful and make sure you’re moisturizing your skin,” she explains.

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And if you’re looking to perfect your at-home spraying skills, Arthur suggests spraying it on your skin and seeing how it develops so you can learn how much to apply and how often. She also notes to focus “a little bit more on the cheekbones to get more of a highlight and accent and contour the behind so that it looks lifted up a little bit.”

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