SluffWIPES Mobile Canister

SluffWIPES Mobile Canister

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Cleansing Exfoliating & pH Balancing SluffWIPES quickly cleanse, exfoliate and pH balance the skin before sunless products are applied to help ensure DHA penetrates and absorbs more effectively. Use SluffWIPES prior to sunless tanning to experience a darker, 20-30% longer lasting, more even tan. Each pre-moistened, dual-textured wipe has gentle built in sluffing fibers to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and pH balance skin. Easily removes perspiration, oils, creams and dirt without a shower; or use to prime clean skin to ensure superior results. Sunless tanning preparation has never been easier!

Key Ingredients:
99.9% natural formula, free of alcohol and oils.

With SluffWIPES’ express triple action formula, sunless tans typically develop darker in color and you'll experience longer lasting tanning results.

* Use 2-3 SluffWIPES immediately prior to any sunless tan treatment. Click Here to see how to use them.
* Use the BLUE textured side to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, rough spots and bendable areas.
* Use the WHITE smooth side gently over the entire body to cleanse, pH balance and rinse the skin with a 99.9% natural formula.

Perfect right before any professional sunless service. Great at home when you want express, effective sunless prep without jumping into the shower.

Ideal for Use With:
* Self-Tanning Lotions
* Spray Booth Tans
* Airbrush Tans
* UV Tans

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